2020 Carnival Cancelled

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11 May 2020
Dear Community,
The Par Carnival Team have, after much discussion decided to cancel the Par Carnival Week 2020 in light of
the current Coronavirus pandemic.
The coronavirus outbreak has impacted nearly every industry globally in recent months. Now, with the
declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, many lock down restrictions in
the UK, there now needs to be an increased effort to prevent the spread of the virus, which has meant the
cancellation of many events, including now our Carnival.
Planning the carnival is a twelve month operation, booking activity venues and events is a large time and
financial commitment, which the carnival team would lose if they hung on in the hope that the carnival would
go ahead in July, only to find that the public were still restricted in travelling and coming together in large
The Par Carnival team, the volunteers and the residents of Par are all proud of what has been achieved over
the past 56 years and would want the carnival to continue in the future. To do this we have to plan ahead and
now put all our efforts in to arranging a better 2021 Carnival.
The carnival relies on the local businesses and the community of Par from whom we get most of our financial
support, through volunteering, sponsorship and advertising. We would not expect local businesses to be in
the position to support us this year. We have to face the fact that most of the businesses who support us are
also finding it difficult at the moment. The Par Carnival Team is in the privileged position of being trusted by
the people of Par to run the annual carnival and we have to try and safeguard our future and that means
cutting our financial losses for 2020 and cancelling now.
This has been a difficult decision to make, myself and the carnival team are well aware of the implications of
it. We waited until now so we could obtain the lasted information from the government. We as a team feel for
the community groups & charities that will not gain much needed financial donations from the carnival in
2020, but I’m sure you will agree safety 1st.. This will be the first time that anyone under 55 years old, living
in Par has not had a carnival.
Our main concern at the moment is making sure that you are all keeping safe and well and that we will be
able to continue in 2021.
To all in Par and beyond we look forward to meeting up with old friends and your continued support for the
2021 Carnival Week – Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th 2021.
For latest, updated information visit our :
facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/parcarnival
Website: www. parcarnival.org.uk.
Steve Roberts

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