Carnival Procession Guide

Par Community Carnival Route

Registration Details

Our Carnival Procession is always the 3rd Saturday in July.
Anyone wishing to enter the procession should be at the Par Beach Carpark before 5.15pm (4.45pm – 5.15pm ) for registration.
Judging then takes place at 5.30pm before the Procession which sets off at 6.30pm, Anyone attending/registering after 5.15pm will not be judged.

Route: 1.97 Miles

Self Propelled Motor Vehicles, Towed Float, Cyclists And Walkers Guidelines.

mot test cerficate, vehicle road tax, public liability insurance, or a suitable indemnity cerficate (if required) must be valid and in force covering the use of the vehicle and or float in the carnival.
The tyres, lights and brakes must conform to legal requirements.
No passengers may be carried on a carnival float unless that float is proceeding in the carnival procession, except on large floats where an aendant may be carried to assist the driver. No one so carried shall climb off a float unless it is staonary and there is contact with the driver. At the end of the procession choose a safe locaon to stop and unload the passengers.
Any such procession may only proceed at walking pace when passengers are carried on the float. Each float must be under the supervision of a suitable person(s) who will walk alongside the float. As a guide provide two supervisors for every 30 feet of float. No water, flour or other missiles should be thrown from the float. Adverting material and samples must be handed out by walkers and not by people on the float. Collections must not be operated from floats. Only walkers may collect using approved collections.
A means of communication, either verbal or radio, must be available between the driver and passengers on the float to halt the vehicle immediately should the need arise.
No one will climb on or off a vehicle or trailer whilst in the procession, unless the vehicle is stationary and one of the float supervisors is in contact with the driver who will be told when it is safe to proceed.
Under no circumstances will the consumption of alcohol be allowed immediately before or during the procession by any driver or other person carried in or on the carnival float or anyone supervising the float on foot.
In train vehicles, the tow bar will be supervised to ensure that no-one crosses between the vehicles or rides on the tow bar.
Children must be seated securely or if standing provided with restraints and adults should be provided with hand holds if standing. All persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an Adult (over 18 years).

Carnival Procession Classes

Carnival Procession Classes
Child walking under years
Pairs walking under 12 years
Adult/Pairs walking over 12 years
Mixed Groups Walking
Best decorated, skateboard, scooter
Youth Organisation walking
Adult organisation walking
Visiting Fairy Queen
Visiting Fairy Queen Group
Visiting Carnival Queen
Visiting carnival queen group
Decorated “Royalty” vehicle
Decorated Animal
Decorated lorry/commercial
Decorated private vehicle, trailer, anything that is not a lorry.
Classic Vehicle.
classes subject to change, depending on number of entries

Traffic Management / Traffic Delays

These restrictions on the follow of traffic will apply during the carnival procession, you journey may be delayed, Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Apply between 18.00 – 20.00 on the 3rd Saturday July (for actual date see calendar of events).

Temporary  Obstruction Approx 30 Minutes Per Stage:

Par Cornwall PL24

Stage 1

Road temporary Obstruction at the bottom of Polmear Hill (at the Ship Inn), the bottom of Tywardreath Hill, the bottom of Polpey Lane, Polmear Parc and the full length of Polmear Road to Hambley’s Corner (junction of Eastcliffe road and Polmear Road) while the procession leaves the Car park and passes these junctions (2 way traffic).
Traffic will then be allowed to follow the tail end of the carnival from Polmear Hill, with traffic allowed to divert up Tywardreath Hill and Polpery Lane once the procession has passed these junctions.

Stage 2

Road temporary Obstruction the full length of Par Green. After the procession passes Hambley’s Corner the traffic from Eastcliffe Road will be allowed to travel along Polmear Road until the procession arrives at the end of Moorland Road.

Stage 3

Road temporary Obstruction at railway bridge at the end of Par Green to allow the procession to travel down Par Green and along Moorland Road.(1 way traffic).
Traffic will then be allowed to follow the tail end of the procession along Moorland Road.

Stage 4

Road temporary Obstruction at the junction of Eastcliffe Road and Moorland Road, Polpery Lane, Tywardreath Hill, Polmear Parc, at the bottom of Polmear Hill (at the Ship Inn) and full length of Polmear Road to allow the procession to return to the car park.(2 way traffic).
Traffic will be allowed to follow the procession along Polmear Road from Eastcliffe Road.

After procession passes the bottom of Polmear hill and into the Car Park the closure will be removed at the bottom of Polmear Hill to allow all traffic movement to return to normal.