Carnival Street Collecting

We are always looking for additional collectors on the carnival procession route.
If you can spare some time please either contact us in advance or attend the carnival
marquee at the assembly area on the day of the carnival procession. We may require id and
or proof on intent to collect for the purpose of the carnival team.
Any person who for the purposes of street collecting under the Police, Factories
(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916, knowingly or recklessly furnishes any information
which is false in material particular shall be guilty of an offence.
All person must sign for a collection bucket / tin.
All collection buckets/rins must be signed back in after the Procession.
No person may assist or take part in any collection without the authority from the
No collection shall be made in any part of the carriageway of any road or street unless it is
being conducted as part of a procession which has received prior approval from the police
and the council.
No collection shall be made in a manner likely to inconvenience or annoy any person,while
collecting – a collector shall remain stationary; and No promoter, collector or other person
who is connected with a collection shall permit a person under sixteen to act as a collector.
Every collector shall carry a collecting box. All collecting boxes shall be numbered
consecutively and shall be secured and sealed in such a way to prevent them being opened
without the seal being broken.
All money received by a collector from contributions shall be placed immediately in a
collecting box.
Every collector shall deliver, unopened, all collecting boxes in the collector’s possession to
the promoter.
A collector shall not use any collecting box which does not bear the name of the
organisation or fund which is to benefit, displayed in a prominent position on the box.
A collecting box shall if opened be opened in the presence of the promoter and another
responsible person.
No payment shall be made to any collector.
No payment shall be made out of the proceeds of a collection, directly or