2018 Miss Westcountry Results

This years miss westcountry got off to a fine start with a large afternoon entry and a reasonable evening entry.  Full results:

Miss Westcountry Competition held on 25th November 2018 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm @ Cornubia Hall 31 Eastcliffe Road Par Cornwall PL24 2AQ


Westcountry Senior Attendants  1st  Ada Coutsoubos / Kelvin Snell  (st Dennis)   2nd Millie Moses / Kaitlyn Furze  (Pool)

Miss Westcountry Snr   1st Amy Kitts  (Pool)

Miss Westcountry Snr Group   1st Amy Kitts / Millie Moses / Kaitlyn Furze  (Pool)

Retiring Carnival Queens   1st Amy Kitts (st Dennis)

Miss Trenython Junior   1st Jessie Gamble (St Stephen) 2nd   Dolcie Harris (Bodmin)  3rd Ada  Coutsoubos  (st Dennis)

Master Trenython    1st Finley Rowe  (Par)   2nd Ruben Cocks (St Stephen)   3rd  Kelvin Snell (st Dennis)

Miss Lovely & Escort    1st  Ruben Cocks / Jessie Gamble ( St Stephen)   2nd  Paisy Rowe / Finley Rowe (Par)  3rd  Ada Coutsoubos / Kelvin Snell (st Dennis)

Miss Party Time    1st  Jessie Gamble (St Stephen)    2nd  Dolcie  Harris  (Bodmin)   3rd   Ada Coutsoubos (st Dennis)

Master Party Time   1st  Finley Rowe (Par)   2nd Ruben Cocks (St Stephen)   3rd Kelvin Snell (st Dennis)   3rd  Theo  Jones  (Redruth)

Miss Par   1st Jessie Gamble (St Stephen) 2nd Dolcie Harris (Bodmin) 3rd Ada Coutsoubos (st Dennis)

Master Par  1st  Ruben Cocks (St Stephen)  2nd Finley Rowe (Par)   3rd Kelvin Snell (st Dennis)

Miss Christmas   1st Jessie Gamble (St Stephen) 2nd Dolcie Harris (Bodmin)  3rd Daisy Rowe (Par)

Master Christmas   1st Kelvin Snell (st Dennis)  2nd  Finley Rowe (Par) 3rd Ruben Cocks (St Stephen) 3rd Theo Jones (Redruth)

Miss Westcountry Junior   1st Jessie Gamble (St Stephen)   2nd Molly Nottle  (Southgate)  3rd Maisy Lobb (Brea)

Westcountry King  1st Ruben Cocks (St Stephen)  2nd Alfie Nottle (Southgate)

Westcountry Junior Attendant  1st  Dolcie Harris (Bodmin)  2nd  Myah Lobb (Brea)

Westcountry Junior Group   1st Ruben Cocks / Jessie Gamble ( St Stephen)  2nd Molly Nottle / Alfie Nottle (Southgate)   3rd  Lily May Grouch / Dolice Harris (Bodmin)

Retiring Fairy Queens  1st  Molly Nottle (Southgate)  2nd Maisy Lobb (Wadebridge)   3rd Kaitlyn Furze (Pool)

Retiring King  1st Alfie Nottle (Southgate)