Our History

The Early Carnivals

As far back as before the Second World War carnivals were held in Par in the summer. Early events consisted of a regatta at Par Harbour in the morning, children’s sports in the afternoon on the land now known as Snowlands and the carnival in the evening. It was a popular event and it is believed that extra trains ran from Plymouth to Par to cater for the occasion.

Many of the early parades were around Par & St Blazey, organised by the local nurses with the collections going to the St.Austell and Fowey cottage Hospitals.
After the carnival’s return following its absence due to the war, it continued up until 1958 when it became difficult to find people to help.

The Current Carnival

In 1963 the late Russell Julian OBE and wife Peggy organised a fancy dress parade to raise funds for St Mary’s Methodist Church in Par. This was so successful that the following year they organised a carnival.

Ever since Par Carnival has been held on the third Saturday of July, organised by a team of local volunteers and enjoys entries from local and visiting youth groups, businesses, individuals and families.

It was in 2013 a few months after Russell Julian had past away that Par Carnival celebrated its 50th consecutive year, of hosting a vibrant community event and donating all the profits collected to local organisations and charities.

The carnival committee and team has changed a lot over the years and in 2015 was taken under the wings of the PL24 Community Association.
2017 saw the control of the carnival transfer back to a separate designated Par Carnival Committee and Team.

2018 Saw the Carnival Grand Fete moved from the par community park to the middle of Par Running Track.